Trypiti pirate wall

Located on the southern tip of Paros Island, Trypiti Pirate Wall is a fantastic dive. There is a little inlet where we anchor the boat at -8 meters near 3 huge boulders, we follow the slope and rocks down to the point of the inlet.  There, the sunlight shining through the water along the wall is truly magical.  The route takes us around the point and down to -21 meters along a sand plateau.  On our return we reach a long crevasse full of purple and orange corals and colors. Following the crevasse from -13 meters up to -8 meters we reach the opening of the Pirate hole.  At -7 we follow our way back to the 3 large boulders and to the boat. Colors, fish, possible turtle and great light show.
Trypiti pirate wall levelLevel

Open water

Trypiti pirate wall depthDepth


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Trypiti pirate wall boat trip
Boat trip

20 minutes