Panderonisi Cave

A dive for all certification levels.  We begin the dive following a wall (-18mtrs for Open Water Divers, -30mtrs for Advanced Divers and above).  We gradually ascend to -12 where we begin to see the massive entrance to the cave.  As we enter our eyes begin to adjust to the darkness and with underwater torches we supply for each diver, we can see the true vibrant colors of the inside walls.  We ascend to the surface inside the cave.  The cave is large, the colors amazing, the stalactites magical and the calm of the cave is unforgettable.  Depending on the certification level of the divers we can either exit through the large entrance, or through a smaller “tunnel”, and then at -12 meters, we follow the wall back to our boat.
Panderonisi Cave levelLevel

Open Water

Panderonisi Cave depthDepth

0-30 m wall 15 meters inside cave.

Panderonisi Cave visibilityVisibility


Panderonisi Cave boat trip

Boat trip

30 minutes