Mariana Wreck

Originally known as “Neils Maersk” and later renamed by Greek ship owners, the “Marianna” was a 91 meter cargo ship built in 1961 in Holland.  The wreck sunk in 1981 whilst traveling from the Red Sea to the Port of Piraeus when it hit Amaras rocks between the islands of Naxos and Paros.   The ship was transporting several thousand tons of barley, metals and pesticides. All the 24 crew were rescued safely and today The Marianna wreck rests at 24meters depth.  Originally it measured 35m long, but when it hit Amaras the bow was sticking out above water, so in 1982 it was exploded and now the bow rests on the rocks while the remaining ¾ of the ship is 20 meters away laying upright in the sand.
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Mariana Wreck boat trip
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