Drionissi aquarium

On the East side of Drionissi Island there is a small bay, calm and picturesque above water and beautiful and colorful underwater.  We called this site Aquarium because of the abundance of marine life and the feeling of being in a real aquarium.  Sand bottom to begin, a path through rock formations, exit on to a mini drop off and a field of Posidonia grass.  We follow the rock slope at maximum -12 meters till 100 bar or about 25 minutes, then we turn around, ascend to about -9 meters and return along the slope, through the rock path and back to our boat.  One of those dives where you stop thinking, clear your mind and just enjoy being underwater.
Drionissi aquarium levelLevel

Open Water

Drionissi aquarium visibilityVisibility


Drionissi aquarium depthDepth

up to -18m

Drionissi aquarium boat tripBoat trip