Drionissi aquarium

At the end of the north side of Drionissi island there is a cape, where every diver could have a beautiful and colorful experience. On this area you could meet up with many kinds of underwater creatures! The temperature of the water, on that protected from the weather spot, is ideal. Therefore, it makes an easy and enjoyable dive, in a place full of underwater life! The depth reaches 18 meters and keeps you calm, giving you the feeling of an aquarium. Only 10 minutes boat trip from the shore and Paros Diving Center, could lead you far away from any other thought and clear your mind, offering you more than 40 minutes experience in a small paradise. 
Drionissi aquarium levelLevel

Open Water

Drionissi aquarium visibilityVisibility


Drionissi aquarium depthDepth

up to -18m

Drionissi aquarium boat tripBoat trip