Our Diving Center


We are located on Paros, one of the most beautiful island of Aegean.

Our love for the sea and passion to travel on new destinations , make to open our Dive Center for the first time the summer of 2016 at Golden Beach on the South East side of the island .We are a small diving center part of facilities in Louridis Studios
Join us to live together your first breath underwater and let us to provide you the maximum level of safety for you or for all  of your family.
If you are an experience diver will guide you under the crystal clear water of Paros , to a magic journey filled with live hosts , immersed memories of the past and places that will be sharpened in your mind for ever. If you like to be member of our diving family our Dive center is registered SSI (Scuba Schools International) and we can offer courses from the starter level until  Divemaster course and many specialties. Daily we have snorkeling excursions for individual apnea enthusiasts or families and friend who want a leisurely exploring the crystal clear Aegean waters from the surface .

We invite you to come and discover the experience of diving together.

  • Mares regulators and Tecline Pro R1
  • Mares Rover BCD’s, and  5.5mm full wetsuits Mares
  • Mares Puck Pro computer’s
  • Mares open and closed heel fins
  • 11 litter aluminum dive cylinders


Greek English French languages spoken
Health and safety agency certified
Follow strict safety standards, medical questionnaire’s, safety briefings, guided dives, oxygen and safety first aid equipment on every dive, instructor lead discover scuba diving

Everyone participating in diving service with Paros Diving Center is required by law, to complete a registration form, with a medical questionnaire.

If you answer ”YES” to any questions, you must visit a physician form exam and bring with you a written and singed permission by said physician allowing you to participate in scuba diving. If you think you may have any medical issues, email us before your arrival and we can send you the medical form in advance to complete and bring with you.

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